2” Superior Corded REAL Wood Blinds


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Hardwood horizontal blinds are distinguished by their elegant beauty. These products are milled from 100% hardwood and are cut from the vertical grain, ensuring superior stability. Hardwood horizontal blinds are produced with the highest quality metal and polycarbonate components. Additionally, hardwood horizontal blinds are built on a roll-formed, heavy-duty steel headrail, which further increases the strength and stability of the product. The operating components are secured inside the headrail by means of snap-in fittings. The cord lock incorporates a stainless-steel wear guard and has a crash-resistant safety feature that locks the blind automatically once the lift cords are released. To provide smooth operation and tight slat closure, the cord tilter utilizes a steel gear housing, while the wand tilter option incorporates heavy duty components ensuring longevity.

Make-your-home-SafeProduct Specifications

All blinds come standard with Wand Tilt (Cord Tilt optional)

  • Lift cord and Tilt cord length will be ⅓ the blind length. Special cord lengths are available upon request at time of order.
  • ½” deduction taken on all Inside Mount blinds
  • Light gap between blinds for 2 on 1 or 3 on 1 is ¼” • 3 on 1 only available with 2” cordless option
  • Slat alignment cannot be guaranteed
  • Solid hardwood rectangular bottom rail
  • 3 ½” decorative valance included
Make-your-home-SafeAvailable Sizes:

Minimum Width = 8” exact / Maximum Width = 96” Exact
Blinds less than 12” in width must have a center tilt mechanism with NO Lift control
Blinds less than 16 1/8” and greater than 11 ⅛” must have split controls (Standard –Left/Right or Reverse – Right/Left)
Blinds greater than 16 1/8” may have same side control or split controls
Minimum Height = 12” exact / Maximum Height = 120”

Make-your-home-SafeMounting Depth Requirements:

Minimum depth = ¾”
Minimum flush mount without valance =

  • 2 5/8” with Cord Tilt
  • 3 3/8” with Wand Tilt

Minimum flush mount with valance =

  • 3 ½” with Cord Tilt
  • 4 ¼” with Wand Tilt

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