Timeless Solar Shades Cordless


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Cordless solar shades are a type of roller shade that is specially designed to provide light control and protect against UV rays. They come in various ranges of “openness”, which determines how much light is let in. They enable you to decide how much light you want to let into your home while still allowing you some transparency to view what’s outdoors.

They can be applied liberally to your windows’ interior and exterior, on covered porches, decks and gazebos to stay cool and comfortable.

Solar shades excel in filtering light, protecting against UV rays, and reducing the sun’s heat. These qualities work together to create energy savings for home and business.

Make-your-home-SafeProduct Specifications
  • Width: 24” – 84”
  • Length: 24” – 84”
  • Cassette Valance Dimensions: 3 ¼” Deep x 3” High

There will be a light gap on Inside mounts of:
Cassette Valance: Motor Side: 1” and Pin End: ¾”
No Valance (open roll) 9/16” per side

Fabric will be narrower than ordered width. 1 1/8” for open roll no cassette and 1 ¾” with cassette valance

Make-your-home-SafeMounting Specifications:

Minimum Depth Required is as follows:

  • Inside Mount: No Cassette 2 ¼” | With Cassette 3 ¼”
  • Inside Flush Mount: 3”

Standard factory deduction for inside mount is 1/8” for width only
Brackets with no cassette can mount top, sides and rear
Brackets with cassette are hidden and can mount top and rear only

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